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Collector’s profile: Kendrakiss

January 3, 2011

Hi Can you introduce yourself ?

Hello My name is Joelle , I am known on Flickr  and dolly forums as  Kendrakiss. I live in the beautiful city that is Paris . I am now back in France  where i was born and raised  after having spent the last ten years in the UK (Glasgow and London).  I work as an artistic director for a small design company . I studied Marketing Communication and advertising, went to work for IBM in Scotland before realizing that IT wasn’t for me  so I quit my job and  went to work in fashion.

I  took an internship at Net-A -Porter one of the biggest high fashion retailer online . My time there was amazing, I got to see seasons after seasons the work of geniuses like Alexander McQueen  up close; organize and help out on photo shoots and learned to style. All of that valuable experience i get to  use today  not only in my line of work but also with my dolls.

I am also trying to get better at photography and i am super happy that dolls are the most fabulous models .I call them my “teacup supermodels”

How and when did you discover FR Dolls?

My first encounter with Fashion royalty dolls was in 2005 ; I was browsing the internet in search of a Barbie I saw in a store . The first FR doll i saw was Véronique , it was the voyage collection, I was on a website called Magma that displayed wonderful photos of these dolls I had never seen before but  that didn’t give much information about them ; i was fascinated by their outfits and overall style – they were fabulous! I printed a couple of pictures of them and decided to go to my local toy store to look for them , with no luck because they didn’t have a clue about the dolls; what brand or where to get them .  I was almost always directed me to Barbies and Silkstones. After a while i stopped looking . Fast forward summer of 2009 ;I am with my niece looking at photos of Barbies on Flickr when I find a beautiful photo of Veronique Shanghai In Bloom the very same Véro I looked for everywhere four years earlier !! There was not only photos of véro there was photos of so many other characters i never imagined and a storyline!!! needless to say; I was hooked!
credit Fashion Royalty

When did you buy your first FR doll ?

After finding out about the whole fashion royalty world I searched some information, and I found out that living in the UK purchasing them was mainly going to be through eBay at horribly inflated prices ! I went on and bought my first Fashion Royalty a nude:  Adele Goldstroke  She was gorgeous!

How many FR dolls do you have?

Having started collecting in late 2009 after looking for these dolls for so long,  It was like i had doll Bulimia or something. I bought everything i could find and in around 6 month accumulated around 40 dolls. The collection was all over the place no real theme to it . After a while, i realized that i liked dolls that had a more natural makeup, that Nu faces bodies were my favorites so i started selling some dolls and now have around 20 FR Dolls. I try to keep my collection fairly small so i can enjoy my girls and be more creative.
part of my collection

Who is your favorite Character?

I Love NADJA !!! she is so versatile so beautiful! A true supermodel I have 2 of her and my favorite is the Illusionist with her braids removed.  Can you believe there s only ever been 3 Nadja ! Please integrity toys please give us another Nadja with hand speak.!!!

Not far behind are the twins  Lilith and Eden ; they are a Fabulous twosome.

What do you like  most about collecting FR?

The Fashion, the molds, the articulated bodies, the characters , everything.  They very much are a reflection of the way we dress today, I love that the fashions are miniature versions of what we have on the runways of Paris , New york or Milan from Haute couture to Pret a porter . They also are fabulous photography subjects. Best of all is the doll collecting community  is a wonderful group of talented , kind and interesting people all united by the same passion, I couldn’t have chosen a better hobby.

Some people like to de-box ,keep their dolls NRFB or redress which one are you?

I am a Redresser  !  my girls never stay very long in their stock outfits , I buy a lot of doll clothes so i can create or recreate styles. Clothes go from a girl to another in a blink of an eye. I also find it so much more interesting to transform a girl and give her a totally different personality just by changing her clothes; her hair color /style  or adding accessories!

Where and how do you store you dolls?

My girls are everywhere! I live in a small Parisian apartment so they took over the place! they are on bookshelves , on side tables and on my desk . I rotate them.   I generally have 5-6 dolls out while the rest are in their boxes etc..

What does your DOLL photo space look like?

It is a mess  LOL !My doll photo space is my desk .I have Two daylight bulbs on Ikea lamps , a couple of backgrounds and that is pretty much it. I shoot with my nikon D90 or my Pentax optio and dream of buying a fabulous macro lens for my Nikon but oh my! those suckers are expensive! And honestly i would rather spend the cash on extra dolls hehe!

Do you own OOAK FR dolls?

Not really I have one enhanced Luchia Glimmer that s it. But when I see the work of Jon Copeland, INI, Or Peewee Parker on flickr I wish i could buy them all!!!

Who is your most prized FR?

My Fashion royalty princess I wouldn’t trade for the world are not obligatory the most expensive or rarest one. It is actually a tie between GP Lilith and FD Agnes. Lilith is just gorgeous and so versatile but Agnes … Agnes is magical i never thought i would love that sour puss face until i decided to buy her to see what the fuss was about When she arrived I didn’t open the box for a couple of days because i didn’t really care but when i did  ; That was it I was mesmerized ! She has such a strong personality ! it is unbelievable ! Sometimes i have to remind myself that she is a doll! LOL




  • What is your latest FR acquisition?

I Just got a beautiful MO Giselle , I had one at first, decided to sell her after 2 days because I couldn’t “bond” with her when in fact it was her outfit that didn’t do her justice. So i bought a pre loved one from a very kind lady and this time it’s LOVE .   Just before  her I got the twins from the wild at heart set.

Have you ever attended a FR Convention what did you like about it?

Have never been to a WU convention but definitely plan to attend this year It is going to be the 10th anniversary . It is bound to be fabulous. I would do my best to try and attend. Living in Europe you have to calculate the costs for air fare,  eventual custom taxes and it could run up to around 3500$ if you include the price of the convention dolls. So yes I am already saving money! But it is not going to be an easy task with all the beautiful dolls IT is going to release this year.

Do you collect other dolls?

Yes i have around 30 NRFB Barbies in  lying around.  I always planned on using them but never really know why I didn’t ; It must be because of their static bodies . Mattel should really start adding articulations to those Barbie Basic Bodies; that would be fantastic. I also have 3 Blythe Dolls that I am planning to  customise . Dolls i would love to have are Kouklitas , they are stunning high fashion rags dolls  and of course  Sybarite doll they are so Haute couture!

Photo credit Kouklitas

One of my lovely Barbie

Fabulous Sybarites

Last question : Have you got a Flickr,  Blog ,or an online  boutique?

You can see some of my pictures on Flickr (My Flickr ID  is Kendrakiss ) i am also  working on a doll related project that is hopefully going to make a lot of doll lovers very happy!
Dolly hugs!


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  1. August 5, 2011 2:26 pm

    Greatly enjoyed this article, I am a fairly recent collector in the Fashion Royalty world myself, I have 5 dolls now and am buying a Veronique Mastermid today-my first Vero 🙂
    All the best to you and happy collecting !

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