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Collector’s Profile: Paris in BKK

January 16, 2011

Hi Can you introduce yourself ?

Hello, I’m Paris.  I live in the heart of the city of angels, Bangkok.  I’ve been working in a travel industry for almost ten years now.  After pausing for a decade, I re-discovered doll collecting/photography as a hobby a few years ago.  I love that it combines my old passion (doll collecting/designs) with learning new skills (photography), and brushing up my other skills (graphic designs), which I learned in classes back in school.

How did you discover FR Dolls ?

It was an interview on a television a few years back.  The guy was a stylist and he collected FR dolls.  He said it was like an upgrade from collecting Barbie.  I remembered him showing some of his collection. Lights, Camera, Royal Veronique, Mauve Absolue Veronique, Pale Fire Vanessa, True Royalty Vanessa, etc.  And I was intrigued by these beauties in all their glories.

When did you buy your first FR

August 2008.  I visited a local doll shop wanting to see what they look like in person.  I ended up buying the very first two FRs on that day.  Turning Head Pierre and Metal Maven Vanessa.  It was her that made me hooked on FR ever since.


How many FR do you have?

At the moment I have 45 dolls.  Three more are on pre-ordered, but I’m looking to thinning out my collection so I will start voting some off the island soon.

Who is your favorite FR character?

Although each FR character is beautiful and unique, ultimately, I bow down to the baroness! Agnes von Weiss initially turned me off because of her scowl, but after looking at other people’s photos of her for a while I began to get mesmerized by her unconventional beauty.  And now she’s the ruling Diva in my collection.

Other characters I like are: the Monogram (if they count as a character), Vanessa, and Eugenia.  Although for Van and Eugie, the right screenings (for me) hardly come by.  But when it’s right, they are super stunning!

Some people like to de-box, keep their dolls NRFB or redress which one are you?

All my dolls are deboxed and stripped naked the minute they get home.  I redress them for the photoshoot and keep them naked (to prevent staining) tied back to the original box for storage.

Where do you store you dolls?

In their boxes stacking on my bedroom floor.   And it keeps growing.  From one stack to two stack. I should thin it out a bit before the 2011 dolls start coming in.

What does your doll photo space look like?

Horrible! LOL.  I don’t have space or equipment for that so it’s just one wall in my bedroom and one table lamp.  From there, the magic of  Photoshop can take them as far as my imagination goes.

Do you own any OOAK FR dolls?

One.  A rerooted Queen of the Hive Natlia on a model muse body.  I’m planning to sell her eventually. I’m not a fan of OOAK dolls much.  If I don’t love the factory paint/hairstyle, I wouldn’t buy them in the first place.  With the exception of a few master repainters, most of the repaints look more horrified than glorified to me.

With that being said, I hope I have Vin’s repaints/enhanced beauty one day .

What is your Most prized FR

If I have to choose the doll that I love the most in my collection, she’d be Silver Zinger Agnes. I’m totally captivated by her beauty.  And she is my very first centrepiece doll. I won her on ebay the night they announced Festive Decadence Agnes as a club doll a few hours later.  So it was a very special night with two great Aggies coming into my life.

Other dolls that are also my muses are Smoke Screen Dania, Night Warrior Vanessa, The Muse Adele, Festive Decadence Agnes, Mini Livewire Clone, Magnetism Monogram, In Yuzen Blossoms Giselle, etc.

What is the most you ever spent for an FR?

If I remember it correctly, Head For Glamour Agnes.  With shipping and customs charges, she totals 405 USD.  I don’t normally go for overly expensive dolls.  I try to set my limit at 200 USD, but would have to make exceptions for the some convention/centrepiece dolls).

What FR would be your Holy Grail

Ooooh lots! Flame Blue Vanessa, The Royal Weiss Agnes, Venus Eugenia, A Fashionable Life Vanessa (both variations), Wild Wolf Kumi, Queen V Veronique, Provocatrice Anja, Fete Accompli Tatyana, Drama Behind Drama Agnes, Going Places Vanessa, etc.  However, I find myself not chasing the grails because of the overly high price. And I’d rather spend my dolly dollars on the newer dolls.

What is your latest FR acquisition

I preordered Regal Solstice Anja, Magnificent and Discreet Monograms.  Can’t wait for them to arrive!

Photos credits: Integrity Toys

Have you ever attended an FR Convention what did you like about it?

I haven’t yet.  I hope maybe one day I can.

Do you collect other dolls?

I used to collect Barbies (Mackies and designers’ ones).  Still have them on display in the glass cabinet.  I stopped collecting them a decade ago. Now I buy Barbie once in a while to get the outfits for my FR girls.

Have you got a Flickr Blog ,website ?

Just Flickr,

Mille merci to the lovely Paris for taking the time to answer our questions . Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful stylized photos and talking to you.


photo credits/Paris in BKK

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  1. Cici permalink
    January 16, 2011 7:37 pm

    Kendra, I am really enjoying your blog. Thanks for the profile on Paris. His photos are some my favorites from W club forum especially the mini Livewire clone series. Keep up the great work.

    • January 16, 2011 8:00 pm

      Thank you very much for your kind words ! it is a pleasure to write the profile of these amazing and talented people !! stay tuned we have more profiles coming !!!

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