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Collector’s profile: Siama

January 19, 2011

Hi Can you introduce yourself ?

Hello there!
I´m Sami Malmberg, a 25 years young man from freezing Finland.

How did you discover FR Dolls ?

I think it was about a year and half when I saw one on the net but didn´t have any clue what doll that was. I only knew Barbie and other such playline dolls. Not even any collectable Barbies.
Since I joined in a finnish doll board i became familiar with all kinds of dolls and figures. There I discovered the FR dolls and it was love at first sight.

When did you buy your first FR ?

It was last jan or february. It was Style Stragedy Lukas, my dear Jóna!

How many FR do you own?

How many? At the moment I have.. maybe 13 FR dolls.. 4 Hommes.. 3 Poppy Parkers and 5 AvantGuards and some DynamiteGirls

Who is your favorite FR character?

Many of them has features i truly like.. I´m gonna have to say Giselle.

What do you like about FR dolls?

Fashions and the quality of FR dolls and of the fashions are awesome. I also like the adult look on the faces.

Some people like to de-box, keep their dolls NRFB or redress which one are you?

I´m totally a de-boxer !!!!!!!!!! 😀
My dolls are also a characters of my photostories and each of them has their own ” personality and identity ” so they are not just kept standing and looking pretty. After I get a doll, it will never be called with its factory name again.
Doll stories / pictures are my way to express some hard things or any things that has happened to me. Many times I include some ” secrets ” into my doll photos and people who knows me well might understand the picture´s meaning.
So, it is important for me to de-box. And I love redressing each of them. How can that be done if one is boxed ? 😀

Where do you store you dolls?

I keep one half of them in their boxes and a half of the gang stands on my desk.. So it´s like a changing ” exhibition ” ;D

What does your doll photo space look like?

My photo space changes. One is my dear window corner, one locates at my good friend´s doll diorama and one is just two pieces of paper by my wall.

Do you own any OOAK FR dolls?

No, except the ones I´ve made but those aren´t true OOAKs.

What is your Most prized FR?

That has to be  Elise Jolie.

What is the most you ever spent for an FR?

Hahahaha!!! Well.. Once in one month it was maybe like 350euros. That was for several dolls.

What FR would be your Holy Grail?

It was Spectacular Spectacular Eugenia. I did hunt her for long time and finally got a chance to get her =) She´s my treasure!
But from the ones i haven´t got yet.. I´d say The Muse Adele.

What is your latest FR acquisition?

The latest is Mais Oui Giselle. A christmas gift from my relative.

Have you ever attended an FR Convention what did you like about it?

No i haven´t but i truly hope to go in one!

Do you collect other dolls?

Yes I do. Poppy Parkers, DG´s, AG´s.. Some Mattel´s dolls..
And Playmobil animals. They´re not dolls but i collect them.

Have you got a Flickr Blog ,website ?

I´ll create a blog or website some day but now i only have my photostream on Flickr and I´m part of some doll boards =)

my Flickr



photo credit: Siama

Thank you Sami ,looking forward to see more photos of your super sexy hommes!!!


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  1. January 20, 2011 9:10 pm

    Another great profile, very cute! 🙂

  2. February 22, 2011 12:30 am

    I think Siama’s Flickr link is wrong.
    This is the good link:

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