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Collector’s Profile: Leiameow

January 23, 2011

Hi Can you please introduce yourself ?

My Name is Desirée, I’m 24 years old of  German nationality, but I have been  living in Spain  for nearly 13 years …

How did you discover FR Dolls?

The first FR I ever saw was Dress Me Luchia at the Flickr photostream of Impossible_Princess…she was beautiful, I was  speechless, but when I searched prices on ebay I was shocked, because I thought I would never ever spend $200 for a doll… at that time I collected Barbies with a price range between $20 – $80…  I bought instead of a FR a TJ Heartbreaker Dynamite Girls for $45… and that’s how all began…..

When did you buy your first FR?

My first FR was Luchia Bewitching Hour, I bought her at the end of March 2009… then my friend Jessy introduced me to the spring collection 2009 of Integrity Toys… I ordered all 4 basic dolls  right away

How many FR do you own?

I just counted, including Nu.Face!  I got 32 dolls at the moment, I nearly had all 2009/2010 dolls, but I keep on selling and buying new one  all the time…. some dolls I just get to redress and photograph then  later  sell them, to buy new ones ^^

Who is your favorite FR Character?

It depends all the time… I’m always between Eugenia, Vanessa, Agnes and Luchia…. I think my fav headmold might be Vanessa and a close #2 Agnes, I just love her pout ….

What do you like most about collecting FR?

they are completely different from  Barbies… FR are  stunning looking , better than other dolls!! Their poses are great and now as their are producing the new FR2 ,it’s getting better and better….

I started using FR as my models after I got TJ Dynamite Girls, but I was very bad at taking pictures at this time…. I was getting better each time… and last year in November, I got a superb new Sony camera for my birthday… I think my pictures are turning out pretty good now and I love to take more and more…… that’s what FR are the best for… but I also think to just displaying them, these dolls are great!!! So beautiful….

Some people like to de-box ,-keep their dolls NRFB or redress which one are you?

Definitely I’m a deboxer and redresser…. I love to get new fashions for my dolls and take pictures of them… It’s kind of relaxing to me… and I forget about the world at this time…

It’s the opposite with Barbies… I keep most of them NRFB, they look much nicer this way…

Where do you store you dolls?

The prettiest I got are in my living room in IKEA Showcases (yes, these showcases everyone has ^^), I love to keep my dolls in their stock outfit for displaying, also I’m a totally gown-loving-person, I love dolls in beautiful gowns and dresses, so they look wonderful displayed… the other dolls like some Nu-Faces or Dynamite Girls I keep in my storage room in a shelve together with my last NRFB Barbies… I always keep these redressed…

WHAT does your DOLL photo space look like?

I use a white photocube to take pictures, also I love to take outdoor pictures in my garden… In future I want to get kind of a house and dioramas… but my problem is that I spend all my extra money on dolls, and their furniture is quite expensive too…

Do you own any OOAK FR dolls?

Since one year I’m into buying a OOAK FR from Famaka these are fab and the prices are nice… in summer 2009 I wanted to buy a OOAK Pierre from Park, he was the best Homme I ever saw *sigh*, but I didnt won the auction at eBay *snif* I’m still very sad about it….. At the moment I only have some rerooted FR.. Like my Most Desired Eugenia… she now looks kinda Kirstie Alley I think… then I had a High Tide Vanessa, a long haired Lady Thriller Pierre and Back to Black Natalia, but I sold them… I’m always into new things…. My next doll I want to have a reroot for is Costume Drama Giselle…. *surprise surprise* ^^

What is your Most prized FR?

Well that has to be Bewitching Hour Luchia, she isnt that exclusive, but my first and absolutely fav FR…. And after Silver Zinger Agnes, she is such a pretty doll!!!

What is the most you ever spent for an FR?

This is an easy question, the  most expensive dolls I have are True Royalty Vanessa and Optic Verve Agnes… they both cost about $550, Agnes NRFB and Vanessa MIB… but I love them !!!! But ok, I just bought a BJD for over $800 in a layaway.. so the FR were cheap :S LOL

What FR would be considered your Holy Grail?

My Holiest Grail at the moment is Venus Eugenia and Head for Glamour Agnes Raven colored hair… These are like WOW and OMG to me!!! And other than FR: Wild Wolf Kumi & Little Red Ridding Hood Yuri, I just saw them at the Flickr of anatchim, these are to die for !!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AN BAD ENABLER ANA …. =)

What is your latest FR acquisition?

The last FR I got was at mid December… Agnes Head for Glamor blonde… she’s such a cutie and a “nice” looking Agnes…. the other ones are a bit badass looking… although Silver Zinger (the baddest Aggie ever) is my fav Agnes…

Have you ever attended an FR Convention what did you like about it?

Not yet, but I would love to… it’s too expensive at the moment for me, but I would love to meet all my friends from the dollysites there one day !!!! It’s my dream !!

Do you collect other dolls?

Yes I collect a lot of dolls (I’m a real doll-a-holic) … I collect Avantguards, FR2, FR Homme, Nu.Face, Poppy Parker, Dynamite Girls, Monogram, Barbie Silkstones, BJD Anthros, BJD Iplehouse and Fairyland and and and….. ^^

Have you got a Flickr Blog ,website ?

Of course I got, there you go: (all in spanish)

Photo credit Leiameow

Thank you so much Désiree for being our profile this week!



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