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Collector’s profile: Tattoomate

February 3, 2011


Hi can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Willem (aka Tattoomate on FLICKR). I’m 51 years old and live with my hubby for 9 years on a houseboat in Haarlem (close to Amsterdam). I work as a care coordinator with older people who suffer from dementia. We have a large menagerie that lives with us, such a three dogs (two Icelandic Shepherd dogs and a recently adopted rescue Gal go), two cats, 4 turtles that live in huge fish tank, an Icelandic horse and an aquarium. My hobbies are photography, styling and dolls (yep your typical gay hobbies). Furthermore I love to watch TV, I’m addicted to two series Mad Men and True Blood, I go to the gym three times a week to pump iron (LOL) and I have been a fan of Kylie since day one.


How did you discover FR Dolls?

I first discovered FR dolls when Pink Parlour (a very popular doll board) ran a photo contest called P.P.N.T.M. I wanted to play along, but my Silkstone doll just was too limited in her articulation. I was immediately drawn to the highly articulated FR dolls.

When did you buy your first FR doll?

I think it was in 2006. My first FR doll was Miami Shine Veronique

How many FR Do you own?

To this date I own 153 FR dolls


Who’s your favourite FR character?

My favourite FR character has to be Natalia Fatalé. That woman just oozes evilnesse (yep with that French ‘esse’ at the end!)


What do you like most about collecting FR?

I have no clue, I’m an addict to the attitude, the couture clothing, the killer shoes, the handbags………. Basically I’m a junkie, always in need for the next fix…….. Hence I keep collecting them (LOL)

Some people like to de-box, keep their dolls NRFB or redress. Which one are you?

I once read this fabulous line: I quote “boxes are like doll prisons! Set them free!”…. so I do! I de-box everything and tend to redress constantly. I rename every doll that arrives and my collection is based on three families. The Mitchell-Fordham family (pub owners in London), La Famiglia Sauvagier (relocated Sicilian mob family) and the Vanderbilt clan (snobbish nouveau riche). Amongst them live some royalty like the Creighton-Ward (upper class English nobility) and the odd other character like the suave Palavi Azar brothers. As you can tell, I tend to come up with story lines and characters for each and every one of them.

Where do you store your dolls?

My dolls aren’t stored, they live in a three storey mansion called “Roman road mansion” (actually it’s a huge cupboard especially made for them). It is slightly crowded, but they manage to get along so far. It contains a pub area, a huge living room, a second living area, a room for Antonio “Scarface” Sauvagier and his court, Camden town (London) inspired store and a High Street couture Shoppe. Each floor is connected to the other by a spiral staircase.

What does your doll photo space look like?

Like any dining room/kitchen table (LOL)……….. I take my photos on our table… (We have limited space in our houseboat!)

Do you own any OOAK FR dolls?

I do! I have one!…. it is a Lukas repaint and body blush. I have no idea who did him. His name is Salvatore Sauvagier but I call him the bad seed…….and he’s anatomically correct (LOL)



What is your most prized FR?

There are several, but here we go! Spectacular Spectacular Eugenia, Venus Eugenia, Fine Jewel Eugenia, True Royalty Vanessa, Cosmetic Takeover Natalia, Silver Zinger Agnes, Optic Verve Agnes and Optic Clash Dania.


What is the most you ever spent on a doll?

Half a month’s salary!

What FR would be considered your Holy Grail?

Poesie sans Couleur Vanessa……. I’d give a kidney to have her (LMAO)


Have you ever attended an FR convention? What did you like about it?

I’m dead scared of flying…………………. I live in Europe…. So I would have to fly to attend one. That will never happen.


Do you collect other dolls?

No not really. I have a few Billy Dolls, a Tom of Finland Doll (of course!) A fabulous Francois Sagat repaint by Chan Sama (former Tom of Finland doll) and a Lady Penelope doll (Thunderbirds) by Fairylite dolls…………I would love to one day own a Sybarite……… but I’m afraid my FR dames and boys won’t let me!



Have you got a FLICKR, Blog or website?

I have a FLICKR account: tattoomate……..

Thank you very much Willem for sharing with us your wonderful collection! Your girls and boys seem to always have a good time! xo



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  1. Corrinne permalink
    February 3, 2011 6:05 pm

    What a wonderful interview..and so much fun to look at all those pics! Thanks very much!

  2. February 17, 2011 1:38 am

    Gorgeous, gorgeous doll photos! Works of art. Frame them and hang them all over your house! Thanks for the interview!!


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