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Collector’s Profile: JOE’s Stuff

February 22, 2011

Please introduce yourself:

Hi, I’m Joe. I’m from Taipei,Taiwan. I’m an art design coordinator in a local company. I’m sorta like a mysterious  person. Friends always say I live in my own world, but I think. I’m an easy-going person!

When did you discover and bought your first FR?

Few years ago, I saw some FR dolls in my friend’s showcase (He’s also a 1/6 dolls collector), those unique faces reminded me my favorite illustrator, Jason Brooks’ fashionable works. I did some research and  learnt more about FR dolls.  My first FR doll is Queen of the Hive Natalia.

How many FR do you own?

Not in a large quantity…they come and go. The maximum I ever had was 17 . Now I have 10 FR

Who is your favorite FR character?

mmm…It’s hard to choose…it depends on what dress and makeup she wears …

so far, Wild Wolf Kumi is perfect.

What do you like the most about collecting FR?

The Delicate fashions

What does your doll space look like?

I want my dolls to look like they are  living in a house, not just in a cabinet.

When did you start taking Doll photos?

My college major is graphic & art design, and I also admire fashion design. Those are the fields I’m interested in. So, combine work with pleasure, FR dolls become controllable models for me to style & photo .

What inspires your photos?

Lots of pictures. Searching all kinds of paintings and photographs through Google or magazines. That’s the fast way to collect a vast amount of data.

Any advice to those who would like to start photography?

Keep doing it!People get lazy easily, I’m no exception. If you’re sure that’s great for you, please don’t stop doing it. Even use low-budget to create something of good quality.


Have you got a Flickr ,Blog ,website ?

Yes. Flickr name <JOE’s stuff…>

My blog is <>.

Thank you Joe For letting us in your dolly world hope to see more of your styling on Flickr!!



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