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Collector’s Profile: Cloudpuff

March 4, 2011

Hi Please introduce yourself
Hi, my name is Ahmet Steltman. Most people know me by the username Chosen4 or CloudPuff. I’m a Photography student, currently in my final year at the Willem de Kooning art academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. My main interests in Photography are Fashion Photography and Photography as Autonomous Art. At the moment, I’m in Sydney, Australia for my internship with 3 Photographers. I’m 26 years old.

How did you discover FR Dolls ?

I remember seeing photos of these big busted ladies on the website Magma Herritage, which made me immediately intrigued by them.

When  did you buy your first FR ?

I can’t remember the exact date but it was in 2004, I decided to get myself a ‘Girl of The Moment’ Veronique Perrin. I was in love with all the small details; she had really sharp nails, big boobs, an awesome outfit, and so much sex appeal. I was surprised by the story card that came with her, it gave the doll so much character. The next two that followed were ‘Seashore Rebel’ Natalia Fatalé and ‘Skin is In’ Kyori Sato.

How many FR do you own?

At this moment I have 21, I’ve sold a few and some where body donors

Who is your favorite FR character?

At first it was Nadja R. hands down, then it became Erin S., But now my favorites are the twins Eden & Lillith for sure.

What do you like the most about collecting FR

The story cards, the characters. Mostly the characters, FR has evolved into many characters, at first I wanted to collect every character but for now I’m settling on my most favorite ones. Each year is such a surprise to see what Integrity Toys will do with the characters, can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year.

Where  do  you store them?

Right now every doll is stored in their original box, because I’m in Sydney right now I couldn’t take all my dolls with me so I decided to bring my ‘Style Mantra’ Eden, and I ordered ‘Great Pretender’ Lillith as soon as I arrived in Sydney, I just couldn’t have just 1 FR with me. When I get back home I will free my other’s from their boxes, I miss my Lukas and Erin the most.

What does your photography  / doll space space look like?

I see my photography of my dolls in 2 separate ways. The ‘fun’ photos I put on flickr, which I consider more like snapshots because there’s no story or concept behind these photos. Then there are the more artistic photos that I only put on my official website; there is so much time and effort I have put in those photos and I consider them to be pieces of art rather than fun photos. It’s strange to divide it into 2 different things but I think that’s what sets the photos apart.

My doll space now consists of a few shelves. I put them on these shelves for display and I take them off when I want to dress or pose them.

When  did you start designing?

I think I have always been busy with dolls and fashion and combining them. I developed some sewing experience and I can make clothes, but my patience isn’t big enough to do it non-stop. I wish it was though, because my dolls need way more clothes. I wish I could make my own shoes for FR.

Any advice to those who would like to start their own designs/photography.

Practice, practice, practice and practice! It takes some time before things start looking decent enough.

What is your work rhythm? How do you like to work?

Doll wise I’m very lazy, I start on projects and stop half way and then months, maybe even years go by before I actually finish something.

When you work on custom commissions, do your clients usually have specific requests or do they give you free hand?

I’ve done a few commissions, both free hand and requests, but with my work rhythm I’ve mentioned above, it doesn’t really work with clients. So I rather stay away from doing commissions.

What are you working on these days and what are your future projects doll wise?

The main thing that’s on my mind right now is my Graduation project which will need to be finished around June 2011. It’s going to take so much of my time, energy, and thoughts, it has to be better than everything I have ever done before photography-wise. I’m not going to do anything with dolls but it is somehow going to be connected with my doll obsession and fascination.

Do you collect other dolls?

The only other dolls I collect now are some Bratz and maybe some Barbies but other than that not much else.

Have you got a Flickr Blog ,website ?

My website is and my flickr is

Thank you So much Ahmet for your wonderful images; Can’t wait to see what concept you are going to bring to life in your next set of pictures!




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