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Reroot Artist profile: Marina305

April 1, 2011

Hi Can you introduce yourself ?

Hi! My name is Marina Lucas and I go by marinav305 on the doll boards.  I’m 27, married and live in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a full-time mom and student, trying for a Biology (pre-med) major and Economics minor. My hobbies include doll photography and rerooting.

How and when did you discover FR Dolls?

I have been a doll collector since childhood, as my grandmother was a vintage Barbie collector and I used to spend my days staring at her curios full of dolls. I used to collect mostly Barbie, until I was introduced to Fashion Royalty by a fellow doll club member (you know who you are!). She gave me an Exotic Fire Veronique for Christmas in 2008, and the rest is history!


When and why did you buy your first FR?

After my first Vero, it took some time to purchase another FR. I first tested the waters with some DGs, then came The Making of… Erin. I just fell in love with the details and ordered Giselle the next day.

How many FR do you own?

I am in the “cleansing” phase of my collection, so I have about 35-40 dolls left.

Who is your favorite character?

It’s a toss between Giselle/Agnes and the Twins. But Elise is coming up fast (I have 3 on the way), so the other girls better watch out… LOL!

What do you like the most about collecting FR?

Oh gosh, that’s a hard one… I love that they look like supermodels. The facemolds are exquisite, and the attention to details is extraordinary. I also love their articulation and mile high legs.

Where and how do I store them?

They are all displayed in shelves/cabinets in my doll room. I have a bookcase where I display my dioramas, and a few shelves full of dolls.

What does your DOLL space looks like?

My doll space is my desk. It’s where I work and photograph them.

Why did you start rerooting your dolls?

I wanted to give my dolls different looks, and felt that changing their hair would be the easiest and most effective way to achieve it.

How did you learn to do it?

At first, I used tutorials I found on the internet. After that, I started developing my own technique so that there would be no scalp splits or loose plugs. Ultimately, I wanted the new hair to be very playable, so a collector could find enjoyment for years to come.

What inspires your work?

I find inspiration everywhere: magazines, Flickr, the doll boards.

What is your work rhythm? How do you like to work?

I like to work on creative projects during the weekend. It takes the edge off. I usually wait until the little one has gone for a nap, turn on an audiobook or podcast (Andy Stanley is my fave) and work my little fingers away.

When you work on custom commissions, do your clients have specific requests or do you free hand?

Most of the time the customer already has a vision, but I need to translate it into the smaller scale. Every commission turns out to be a reflection of the exchange between me and the client.

Any advice for those who would like to start rerooting their own dolls?

Patience! There are lots of resources available on the web, and it is best to take your time and practice on a couple cheap soft vinyl heads first. Find what works best for you and take it into rerooting the more difficult dolls.

Any tips for styling a doll’s hair?

Bedhead Manipulator and a micro comb are my go-to weapons. I learned this trick a little while ago, and I haven’t turned back. I use a fine mist sprayer to dampen the dolls hair, spread some BH (a little goes a long way), and use the micro comb to style.

What are you working on these days and what are your future projects?

Right now I’m working on some personal projects (dioramas and some sewing), but I will be accepting commissions again starting April 1st.

Do you collect other dolls?

No. I’m focusing on Integrity lines for now, but that doesn’t mean I’m not tempted by the wonderful Sybarites and some of the Iplehouse BJDs.

Have you got a Flickr Blog ,website or a webstore?

Yes, a flickrstream at:

and a website at:

Thank you Mari for sharing with us your tips for creating the perfect doll hairstyle and also enchanting us with your awesome photos. Can’t wait to see more from you

Xoxo K.

You can find more tips and  tutorials on Marina’s Flickr (link above)


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