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FR Collectors be Aware !!!

April 7, 2011

notification, originally uploaded by 小可的世界.


To all the FR collectors,
Hello, everyone. I am a FR collector from mainland China.
As you may know, most of the FR’s factories are set in China. Recently I got to know that there were some order- dropping dolls sold in the market. For those person who can get these dolls, they know nothing about the original prices of these dolls, thus, they sold them at very low prices to some of the “lucky” collectors. However, each of us is purchasing every doll at very high prices. I was shocked when I heard this. Today I hope that through this way, we can find out someone who can help us report the situations to the official department. Please do keep an eye on the producing process to protect us customers. The dropping dolls are not allowed to come into the market. If keep happening like this, what’s the value of collecting these luxuries products.
As I know, most of the order- dropping dolls origins are from China, especially for these cities: China Dong Guan, and China Nan Jing. I think that all the collectors don’t expect these things to happen again. I have spent lots of money on buying FRs; I really hope that the serious situation like this can be sonly changed. We need a more rightful and legal market.
So I sincerely beg for those who can help conveying my meaning to the officials to stand out for helping. It is said that the person can continuously get the order droppings from the factories has some relationship with the some designer of the company. Though I have no idea about the truth, I can’t help feeing worried and anxious about these. Really hope that this poor situation can be solved in a proper way as soon as possible.
Sincerely yours,
FR collector form China
April 7, 2011

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