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Collector Profile: Wilbcliche

April 21, 2011

Hi Can you introduce yourself?

Hi my name is Wil.  I’m  a 41 years old Interior Designer and Personal Trainer. I live in London, Ontario, Canada.

How did you discover FR Dolls?

In the spring of 2006 I met my best friend Charlie. He’s a hairdresser and I became  his client,  we hit it off  and were the closest of friends in no time. I remember at one appointment ,he had just found out that he was going to the Baltimore Fashion Royalty convention and he was so excited, not only about the convention but the whole line of dolls. This was the year they introduced the second articulated body and he went on about the new look, the new characters and the edgier direction the line seemed to be going in. His excitement was contagious and I went home and looked up the dolls on line. They were like no dolls I had ever seen before.

I had a fantastic Grandmother who had bought me barbies as a child,  though my dad would throw them out; as a result I only played with dolls when I visited her in Scotland, and so the hobby was soon stifled .  Meeting Charlie an adult male doll collector in a strange way was like permission to embrace a passion I had forgotten I had. The Modern Pompadour line spoke to my personal aesthetic and in short order I was hooked.

When did you buy your first FR?

Spring 2006 . It was a Basic Natalia from the Pompadour Collection. I had arrived late to the party and it was the only doll I was able to order from the collection at that time. I ended up buying much of the line from ebay.

How many FR do you own?    Too many  !!!


Who is your favorite FR character ? From the FR line its Kyori and the NuFace would be Nadja

What do you like most about collecting FR?

What I enjoy the most is photographing them. Photography has become a big passion of mine and I particularly like shooting outdoors. I enjoy shooting Sports Illustrated inspired photos and more edgier street looks in particular


Some people like to de-box , keep their dolls NRFB or redress which one are you?

Oh I’m a big time de-boxer all the dolls I keep for myself get de-boxed usually shorty after they arrive though occasionally when several arrive at once I will put some aside to enjoy another day, this does not happen as much as it used to as I tend to order less dolls than in the past.


Where do you store you dolls?

I have a few display cases throughout the house. I am planning to buy an IKEA ELGA unit eventually so I can display  most of  my dolls and props in one area. I would like to have a set up permanent display

What does your doll photo space looks like?

My doll space is actually split between my furnace room and laundry room, I moved to a smaller home a couple of years ago when I closed my store and downsized. I   also have a home based gym in the basement  that I work out of, so there really is no other place for it.

Do you own any OOAK dolls?

Yes I am fortunate to have several from my two favorite artists Park and Jon Copeland aka Pink man

What is your Most prized Doll?

Wow that is tough but Probably my Cosma Shiva Sybarite

What is the most you ever spent for an FR?

$ 900.00 for a Poesie sans Couleur  I have since sold

What FR would be considered your Holy Grail ?

My OOAK Maggie Rizer doll, wish that had been a production doll.

What is your latest FR acquisition ?

Recently received some new clothes for the girls from SugarBabyLove

Have you ever attended an FR Convention what did you like about it?

Yes I have been fortunate to go to 4 of them. They are a lot of fun, of course seeing the convention dolls and the sneak peaks of future line is great, but the best part is meeting people who share the same hobby and getting to catch up with friends I only get to see at convention.

Do you collect other dolls?

I have started collecting a few Monogram and FR2  and I have a couple Sybarites, and also have been enjoying the new Barbie Denim Basics dolls, ordered a few of them. I used to collect Misaki, Tonner and Barbie but I have sold almost all of them off now. Collection had gotten too big and once I sold my store really did not have the space to display them all. It was fun having the collection like a museum open to the public but for just my personal enjoyment in seemed way overkill and I have been slowly editing ever since. Also the Integrity lines seem to keep expanding so its hard to keep up  I am mostly collecting NuFace dolls at this point.

Have you got a Flickr Blog ,website?

Yes I am on flickr under wilbcliche the same name I post on the doll boards Pink Parlor, Doll Divas and Prego. My photo  website is CLIQ MODELS at . I also have a business website which I plan to update with a photo element soon, at the moment it just has a link to photo on it.

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  1. Hilda permalink
    April 21, 2011 10:57 pm

    amazing! All the photographs are gorgeous and the dolls are unbelievable! Thanks for the interview with one of my very favorite doll people!

  2. April 22, 2011 2:17 pm

    Fantastic writeup! I am really enjoying your blog.

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